The game

The game
Brick Inventions is a physics based block game made in Unity 5. It combines simple blocks with physics, which creates a new, unique gameplay experience as everything you build can be destroyed. Build awesome structures, invent machines, master different challenges or play against other players in exciting multiplayer battles - the game contains a variety of modes:


The singleplayer mode contains levels of which each one features a different kind of challenge. Amongst many others, these include:
  • Tower construction: In this level, you have to build a tower of a specific height. The challenge lies in figuring out a solid enough structure so that the tower doesn't collapse while using resources effectively.
  • Transport: In this level, an object has to be transported from one platform to another. To achieve this, the player has to create bridges, which are strong enough.
  • Destroy target: In this level, the player has to invent efficient weapons (for example cannons) to destroy structures.


The multiplayer part of the game is more strategy oriented and contains different game types. In all of the game types, the players have areas in which they can build things on the opposite side of the map. In order to be able to build things, you have to create producers, which produce resources. Furthermore, you have to create warehouses to store resources. All strategic blocks, including producers and warehouses consist of a podium and an object, which lies on it. If this object falls off the podium, the object loses all upgrades. Therefore, you have to build defences in order to defend you production system. Currently the game contains two multiplayer modes, which have different goals:
  • Defend the crown: In this mode, the player has to defend a crown, which lies on a podium. Like described above, the player has to gain resources in order to build defences and weapons and to unlock more powerful blocks like the TNT-block or the accelerator-block.
  • Tower construction: In this mode, each player has to create a high enough tower. The first player, who builds such a tower and defends it for 2 minutes against attacks from the other player, wins the game.


In the sandbox mode you can build everything you want without limits. Sandbox maps can be saved so you don't have to worry to lose anything you've created. Currently, there is also a multiplayer sandbox in development in order to enable you to build and experiment with your friends.

Inventor mode

Since everything is created out of blocks, it might take long to build things that are more complex. The Inventor-mode enables you to create your own inventions out of bricks, which you can save and then place in singleplayer-, multiplayer- and sandbox-games like any other block. Invent a new machine, more efficient weapons or powerful defences - the better your ideas, the better are your chances of winning a multiplayer game or mastering a challenge in a singleplayer game.


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  2. I cannot wait for it to come out, when it does you can expect me to be the first one in line!

  3. what is the price gonna be?

  4. hi there, I bought the game today, but I can't play, after unity logo my screen has a pink color, I can move the mouse and tab but nothing change

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  8. I was just about to hit purchase, then I noticed its for Windows only; Are there plans for MacOS or IoS clients?