Friday, 25 March 2016

Update v1.0.3

Hi everyone!

The first update for Brick Inventions is out (v1.0.3), including several improvements and bugfixes. The most important change is the addition of shortcuts for selecting blocks and rotations. Here is the full changelog with all the changes and bugfixes:

  • Added "Next level"-Button to go to the next level without having to go through the menu.
  • Added "Reset"-Button to reset the current level on levels where the player can run out of resources
  • Added shortcuts to make selection of blocks/rotations things faster (shortcuts can be edited in the options)
  • Shortcut [Q]: Select/Change standard block material
  • Shortcut [E]: Select/Change standard block sizes
  • Shortcut [R]: Select/Change "additional" rotation (Standard, Side, Vertical)
  • Shortcut [T]: Select/Change special block
  • Shortcut [Y]: Select/Change inventions
  • Maps and Inventions are now loaded automatically when created in the menu
  • Game detects system language to properly set default shortcuts

  • Set resources from 400 to 500 on level 4
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound of rockets to stop after some time.
  • Fixed a bug that opened the chat window when pressing [space], preventing the function to switch between "drag" axis to be called
  • Fixed flickering of the transparent block when the rotation is changed

One of the next things I want to improve in one of the next couple of updates is the tutorial which should be a bit more detailed and should also explain the new shortcuts. If you have anything specific you want to be improved, just write a comment below an I will try to include it in the next patch.


  1. how do i rotate 90? the piece only rotates up and on its side but not at angles

  2. You can rotate blocks with the mousewheel. If you want to build slopes, you can hold down the left mousebutton an drag the block up.