Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Brick Inventions - Updates

Hi everyone!

In this post I want to talk about my plans for Brick Inventions after its launch tomorrow.

I've always thought of the release as being a version 1.0 which is a complete version of the game and that I can continue to update the game with new features from there on. Besides smaller updates that contain fixes and improvements, I'm planning bigger feature updates from time to time as versions 1.1, 1.2,… which add several new things to the game.

At this point I want to point out that the following list is no complete roadmap and that there is no guarantee that all of the features will land in the game. It's more like a list of things which I'm currently thinking about and would like to see in the game at some point in the future.

More blocks

Brick Inventions is all about building something out of blocks so I want to add more blocks to broaden the range of things you can create in the game. I already have several ideas like a rubber ball or a rotation block that can be used to rotate things that are placed on it (the thought of automatic cannons that can be rotated sounds really fun).

New Singleplayer Levels

The singleplayer mode currently features a tutorial and 15 levels and I'm planning to add some more levels which will also feature new kinds of challenges that can be solved by using the new blocks.


In its current state, the multiplayer mode (not including the multiplayer sandbox) has 2 maps and 2 game types which are 1 vs 1. I want to add a new 2 vs 2 mode (the network code already supports teams), which could be quite interesting as one player could be responsible for building defences while the other is attacking the enemies. Apart from that, I'm also thinking about a multiplayer “party mode” which has a selection of physics based mini games that you can play with your friends.

Steam Workshop & more

There are also several other things that I would like to implement after the release. First of all, I'm working on implementing the Steam Workshop shortly after the release so that players can share their creations or maps more easily. I'm also thinking about a slow-motion function (destroying huge buildings in slow-motion just looks awesome) and a first person camera so you can walk around in your map.

Besides the things that I've mentioned above, I also want to implement ideas from the community so if you have any idea for a new block, mode or something else, let me know.

I'm really excited for the release of the game, it's been a long time (more than two and a half years) since I started to work on Brick Inventions and I would also like to thank everybody who has followed this project through this years. I hope that you'll like the finished product.

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