Monday, 2 November 2015

Development Status, New Trailer & More

Hi everyone!

Since it's been some weeks since my last post again, here's an update about the development state of the different parts of the game:

Development Status

Singleplayer: Over the past weeks, much work has gone into finishing the last parts of the game, especially the singleplayer levels. The singleplayer mode will feature 16 different levels, of which each one can be played in the normal mode and a challenge mode. The challenge mode will be unlocked after completing the level in the normal mode and alters the level to make it more difficult (for example destroying a castle with the first strike). There will of course be achievements for completing these challenges.
Some of the levels turned out to be much more complicated to implement and overall it was quite a challenge to balance the levels (since all of them depend heavily on physics). The current state is that 15 of the 16 singleplayer levels are in the game, some of them still need to be balanced.

Sandbox: The sandbox mode is actually finished, not many things have changed over the past months. The only thing left is in the multiplayer sandbox, where some changes are needed in order to make the synchronization of the map more efficient. Besides that, there might be some smaller adjustments but as it looks now, not much work should be needed here until the release.

Inventor mode: It's basically the same as the sandbox mode - ready to ship.

Multiplayer mode: The multiplayer mode is feature complete but will need some bigger changes in the netcode (See "Steam integration" below). Apart from that, it will need some more testing to find and to fix bugs (which I'm sure there are still several in there) and to find the right balancing. Most of that will happen in the beta tests.

Steam: Currently, there is a very basic implementation of the Steam API in the game and completing it is the last big point that is needed in order to start the beta tests. As it turned out, implementing the system into the game requires much more effort than I had anticipated after looking into it for the first time several weeks ago. Especially the multiplayer part will be quite difficult and it will take more time to get it done.

Other things: There are still some smaller things that I want to change before the release, including changes on the maps, improvements of the interface as well as fixing the bugs on the bug-list. 

Trailer & Outlook

I'm currently working on getting the singleplayer levels finished, which should done in the next couple of days. After that it'll all be about getting everything set up with Steam so that the beta can start as soon as possible.

Now that the singleplayer is almost complete, it is also time for another trailer. The first trailer is already about one and a half year old and doesn't represent the game in its current state anymore. The new trailer will feature some nice footage from the singleplayer levels to give you an impression about what to expect from it.

At this point, I want to thank everybody who has been following the project all this time since its beginning over two years ago. I hope that it will live up to your expectations.

Stay tuned!


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