Thursday, 20 August 2015

Development Update, August 20th

Hi everyone!

It's been over two weeks since the last update so I figured I give you an update about what I'm currently working on.

Most of the time I've spent on fixing bugs and optimizing or polishing parts of the game. A large part of fixes happened in the multiplayer mode - and I can tell you, those bugs are a pain to fix (It usually goes as follows: I test a feature and nothing or something weird happens - great. Then I have to figure out if the problem is at the server or the client and after that find out what exactly went wrong which might take quite some time). It can get really frustrating if you still can't figure out why something doesn't work as it should after several hours (which luckily doesn't happen too often) and I'm happy that most of the things are fixed now and that I can move on to more interesting things.

Besides bugfixes, I worked on the language system of the game. I haven't written about it for a long time but some of you might remember that the game has support for multiple languages as well as community translations. This means that you can create your own language file, put it in the right folder and the game will recognize it. Until now, the game hasn't actually checked if the file is correct which could lead to strange behaviours. During the last days, I integrated such a check as well as ways how the game reacts if a file gets corrupt (It will then show a message and try to go back to the original English file). I will write more about the system as well as how to create and "install" new languages in one of the following posts.

Another big chunk I've been working on is the sound system. For that I first had to get to know the new system which was introduced in Unity 5. After that was done, I created a concept about how the system would work and it proved to be a big more complicated than I had thought (Which tends to happen quite often, hmm). The problem is that if there are huge simulations, you soon have thousands of collisions and other events and of course you can't play a sound each time. So the system has to decide when which sound should be played. I'm currently about halfway finished with the system so I don't really have anything to show you yet.

One of the last things that remain is the Steam integration. Over the last weeks I've taken a look at the Steam SDK and it's documentation but I haven't actually started to work on it yet.

Regarding the release date: Since it's already the second half of August and there is still much to finish, the release might slip into Q4 2015 - better to put the game out later than unfinished and full of bugs.

That's the summary of my last two weeks working on Brick Inventions. In the next posts I will show you the multiplayer mode, which I have talked about for a long time but never really showed it in action as well as some other things (like the language system I've mentioned above).

Stay tuned!

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