Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gameplay Part1: Blocks & Positioning

Hi everybody!

It's a bit more than a week since I put the game on greenlight so I want to share some information about that and also what I've been doing since then. After 8 days on Greenlight, the game has over 2200 'yes' votes and is now at 42% on the way to the top 100.

I've received much feedback in the last week and it made it clear to me that the trailer and the description couldn't show/describe the game as good I had thought. There is sometimes confusion about how the game works in detail, why it isn't just another minecraft clone or how the multiplayer part of it works. Over the last year, I've uploaded many game update videos and there is also a demo version online but there isn't a video which just explains what the game is and how it works. To address this issue I've started to create a video series in which I play and explain the different parts of the game. The first one goes into the basics of the game: which blocks are in the game, how do they work and how can they be positioned.

First I wanted to just explain things in a blog post together with some pictures but I noticed that Brick Inventions is a dynamic game and that it would be really difficult to explain everything without seeing it in action. I came to the conclusion to create a video series. The current plan is to have 3 videos:
  • Part 1: Blocks & Positioning
  • Part 2: Singleplayer & Inventor mode
  • Part 3: Multiplayer
Besides the video series, I've been working on some smaller things like a new option for the crown defence mode in the multiplayer. You can now choose to have construction phases and attack phases. Each phase lasts for a specific time (3min, 5min or 10min). In the construction phase, there is a wall between the player fields so you cannot attack the other player.
I've also optimized some other things and fixed bugs which occurred because of changes for the multiplayer sandbox.

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to write a comment below and please support the game on Steam Greenlight if you haven't already.

Stay tuned!

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