Saturday, 29 March 2014

Current state of the game

Today I want to tell you something about the current state of the game and other interesting topics related to the game:

Unity 5

Unity 5 is coming! I'm very excited about that because there will be many new features which will probably improve Brick Inventions. Here's the feature video:

The most important feature for the game in particular is PhysX 3.3. The current version of Unity uses PhysX 2.8 which is old and very slow. The new version is much faster, uses multiple cores and has some nice features which could be useful for the game (At this time it hasn't been announced which features will be included in Unity5).

Improving the game mechanics

When I tested the game some weeks ago I came to the conclusion that the sandbox-mode and inventor-mode work quite well and that I don't have to change much on them until the release. On the other side I noticed that the multiplayer, which is a major part of game, is fun to play but also quite repetitive. Here are some of the problems:
  • The way how resources are obtained isn't optimal in the current version of the game. Especially in the beginning of the game (when you have only one resource type available) you cannot do much but wait for resources to be produced. Besides that I noticed that the way how producers and warehouses are aligned is more or less always the same.
  • Simple walls in front of objects are the most efficient defences which is boring because each game looks the same.
  • Blocks can't be destroyed. As the game progresses, you gain more and more resources which often results in a map which is full of blocks.
  • Currently there is no reason to build more complex inventions in a multiplayer game as you can just shoot things away using TNT and bombs. This will change once I implement more special blocks to the game. Besides that I also plan to increase the costs of TNT blocks and bombs.
I already started to work on this problems by implementing new game mechanics and these changes already improved the gameplay a lot. I will probably make a small video to show you all the changes.

Gameplay video 

I noticed that there is some confusion of how the game works exactly so I will create a gameplay video which will show a complete multiplayer game.


Besides a gameplay video I also plan to create a short trailer which will show the main aspects of the game, mixed with some nice footage.

Stay tuned :)

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