Friday, 14 February 2014

Development status update

It's been 5 weeks since the last update and so I thought I should give you some information about the current state of the game.

In the last weeks I worked on improving the graphics, in particular adding textures to blocks and creating icons for the menu (note the environment will be improved in the next update). Besides that I fixed a lot of bugs and restructured some parts of the code to make it easier to add new blocks in the future. There are still some things left to do but I decided to create a video which I am working on right now. I also thought I should create new header images and update the game description on indiedb, youtube, etc. which I will probably do in the next days.

Here is a little sneak peak of what the game currently looks like and what you will see in the next video:

That's all for now, the new video an more information will be online next week.

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