Sunday, 17 November 2013

Brick Inventions - Past, Present and Future

I'm writing this post to give you an overview of what has happened in the past months, what I'm currently working on and what will happen in the future.


What has happened in the last months? When I first showed the game to the public (Hello world video) there was very little functionality implemented. You just had several different brick to place and that was it. At that time a already knew that I wanted a multiplayer game-mode and so the next thing was to implement that besides some other smaller features.
After that was done I focused on improving the graphics, especially the UI which I found just horrible at that time. After I was happy with the new one, it was time to implement all the game-modes and main features. In the following weeks the game saw major additions with the Inventor mode, the Join-tool or the Sandbox mode.
It was at the end of August when I realized that I wanted to have a more complex way to obtain resources (until then you had fixed producers that automatically added resources). I began to plan the new system and it took me over a month to implement as there were many code changes necessary to accomplish it.
In October I began to implement the options menu and some made smaller changes as preparation of the next things to come.


In the last weeks I was implementing a new type of block which will offer a lot new opportunities to build things. Besides that I rewrote many parts of the game and finally got rid of the code I wrote in the first days of the game. At that time I didn't have as much experience in Unity as I have know so the code was a bit mixed up. It really complicated things and slowed down development. You as a player won't see much difference in the game but getting rid of that old code really simplifies the development.


In the next days I will create a new video to show you the new block. After that I will implement several new blocks that are all in some way connected with each other. Every new block is another piece in the puzzle and will enable you to build more complex things, machines and more.
With the next updates I really want to push the game more in that direction as inventing and discovering new ways how to build something is an important aspect of the game (I can't wait to see players will create when the game is out ;) ).
When all that is finished, I will start to create the first maps that will be in the final version of the game and start to write levels/challenges for the singleplayer mode. Besides that there will also be a trailer and a new video which explains the multiplayer mode in more detail.

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Stay tuned :)

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