Thursday, 24 October 2013

Development update, new video next week

It's been a very long time (almost a month) since my last update and I finally got time give you a short overview about the status of the game and what's comming next.

Although I have less time available to work on the game than in July or August I have made progress with it. In the first week after the last update I focused on rewriting the save/load functionality of the game as the old system wasn't compatible with the new things I implemented with the last update (conveyor-belts,...). Furthermore the new system wasn't fully working in the multiplayer. After everything was finished I had to fix a ton of bugs in the game (especially in the multiplayer as this is the most complex part to program).

I started to work on a new type of block but halfway finished I decided to remove it again as it created several problems with the physics system (I have an idea how to make it work so I may implemented it in one of the next updates).

Since then I've been working on restructuring the code to make it more efficient and added some smaller features like an options-menu or support for different languages.

I almost finished the work on all the things I want to have in the next update and I will upload a new video next week.

Stay tuned :)

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